1. I have been donating bags and boxes of books. It is ok if it’s beorfe the actual date? It’s complicated to donate these all on one day. My local library for example is not open on Wednesdays. I donated to teachers, a literacy non-profit that does early intervention as well. This was a great excuse to share the wealth and to clean out my bookshelves. Thanks for motivating me!

  2. Miri SachsGreat blog! I am looking frroawd to reading many more cool crafty posts.1. I have liked your new page on Facebook (does it mean that the old Facebook page is now dead?)2. I Facebook commented on this post3. I am following you on Pinterest (since a long long time ago, actually)Sadly I don’t use all the other social networks you mentioned so only 3 entries If my number comes up, I would prefer the yarn, but anything else is also great


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